What is Vulnerability scanning?

It’s a way of looking at your devices/networks very closely this allows the assessor to verify that the software/firmware is not providing unnecessary information, and that known weakness are not present. and or that defense put in place are operational.

Why would I want it, what does it do for me?

Would you leave the front door of your business open after you go home for the night? probably not, but it’s very easy to do the same thing when you have broadband, Wi-Fi or web servers, only by knocking on all the doors, and giving them a push/pull will you be confident that the business is locked down, this makes it much harder for hackers. Don’t be one of the low hanging fruit, force hackers to work hard or to move on.

Our ethos is that security must support the business function, and be relative to the real risk.

The scan can cover internal IT and external IT, that you control or own, we will not scan devices, equipment and networks without authoritative permission as to do so would contravene the Computer Misuse Act 1990.

You want to ‘know’ your systems are as secure as possible, don’t you?


  • External single IP address scan i.e your office router from the outside £95+vat*
  • One off Website scan (that you control or have permission for), depending on the technology £100+vat*
  • Internal vulnerability scanning available pricing subject to the number of devices*

*Weekly, Monthly, Bi-Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-annually, yearly testing also available at a lower rate.

Now what?

If you would like a scan, email us at scan@aggress.co.uk or click the button below, include as much detail as you think is relevant and we will get in contact with you.