The Cyber Health Check is a way for you and your business to determine, is what you are doing now to protect your systems and information good enough for the real risk it faces.


Many people and business when asked if they are concerned about cybercrime say ‘I’ve got nothing of value, why would anyone hack me’, ¬†unfortunately typically (there are some exceptions) it is not what you have that of value to the attacker but what you have which is of value to you. This is why ransom-ware is so prevalent and is such a lucrative business for criminals


Our senior certified Information Security consultant will meet with you one to one to discuss your business, we have a two way confidentiality agreement so that you can speak freely with the knowledge that we will not divulge any information about your company it’s practices, procedures or infrastructure to any third party (except when required by UK law).

The consultant will look at your business from the point of view of an attacker with motivations of competitive advantage, disruption or extortion. And then from a defensive point of view and what can be done that is cost effective based on the real risk.
We might ‘suggest’ some software or hardware if your existing equipment is not reconfigurable to do what is need, reconfiguration will always be our primary aim.

The assessment looks at:

  • Routers and Firewalls – configuration
  • PC’s, Laptop’s
  • Smart Phones/Tablets – usage
  • Email, Web and Applications – usage, configuration
  • Wireless access – locations and usage
  • Polices, procedures – ones you have or ones you need
  • PC Firewalls
  • Malware/Anti-Virus software
  • Backing up/disaster recovery
  • Information Protection
  • Physical security

The result of the assessment will be a confidential report outlining in an understandable manner where the strengths and weaknesses exist and an action plan.

As a company we don’t appreciate ‘Spreading the disease and Sell the cure method’, so you won’t find us upselling you our latest anti-virus-malware widget with a 10 step payment plan or use our nominated kick back IT support company, it’s not going to happen. We do not sell software or hardware and have no affiliations with those that do.

Where you don’t have an existing IT support company we would suggest you use one that has passed Cyber Essentials or has other formal accreditation.

As part of the report will be a section that you will be able to take to a Support company or a competent individual that provides guidance on what must be put in place to effectively manage the risks discovered in the assessment.

Once you have gone this far you can go for Cyber Essentials and get a UK wide recognised badge.

*all prices are plus VAT