Information Security Consultant

David is a Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP), Certified Cyber Security Analyst (ECSA).  He likes nothing better than finding out how things should, could or do work! With a background in hardware and software design for Military, Banking and Oil & Gas David has a very deep understanding of the technology we use from the PCB up to the user.

David says “to work in information security I think you need to be: cynical, pessimistic, suspicious and doubtful, but, you also need to be friendly, productive, decisive and agile”, so we keep adding coffee!

David is also our data protection specialist, providing guidance about your obligations under the law and how to do it in practice.

David is a constant improver and the reader of many books on diverse subjects, what he doesn’t know today he will know tomorrow and some things he just wishes he didn’t know!


SME Security Adviser and Trainer

Gillian provides the bridge from the highly (overly) technical to the lay person, she helps the SME understand what Cyber Essentials is and how the process works to gain certification. With a background in process improvement/project management for the highly regulated Pharmaceutical industry Gillian is able to ensure that our clients get the best service possible and keep projects on track.

A Human

As a growing business we are always looking for the right people to join us. Note we don’t discriminate against non human entities that are able to make contact via electro-magnetic waves in the frequency range between 20Hz and 20KHz or interaction with systems that render symbols in the human visual band…

If you use your initiative and resourcefulness to learn what you don’t know and are always trying to improve, get in contact you never know!