Availability is a key principle it ensure that our data will be available in a timely manner, if you can’t access your data you no longer have data even if it meets the other two key fundamentals Confidentiality/Integrity, if you can’t get to it when you need it, you can not use it. This is why ransome where is so lucrative for criminals.

How do you maintain availability? The following items help towards this fundamental requirement.

Redundant systems

Multiple drives, in various configurations mirrored (copies), stripes (a data block spread across multiple devices), standby machines or whole offices/data centres


Stop damaging programs or process from damaging the systems or data.

Distributed denial of service prevention systems

These are systems which will monitor your website or network and when an attack is detected the systems will notify, and have the provision to automatically block or reroute services so that availability is maintained.

This is a huge topic which we will dive into later in the series.

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