We are a trusted partner supporting the Scottish Government’s Public and Private Sector Action Plan for Cyber Resilience.

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Your business is important to you…

Your business is important to the UK…

  • What are the cyber risks that your business faces, what are real and what are media hype?
  • How can you secure your systems but still make them usable?
  • How do your secure your systems to meet the GDPR requirements?
  • How do you stop phishing emails?
  • How do you stop someone else using your email address to phish others?

These are some of the common questions we get asked, many businesses realise that they are one click away from complete disaster right now, and it keeps the owner/manager awake at night waiting for the call, email or screen prompt.

That email may come from the a criminal that has just gained access to your core systems is now wanting money, or it could be a screen prompt stating that all of your systems have been encrypted and you must pay to get your data back…

When it happens, you will typically go through the following, hard to breath, chest thumping, sweating, shaking, disbelief, anger, fear, depression, resignation. unfortunately  many unprepared businesses never recover from a major hack/ransom.

So why wouldn’t you want to plan, reduce risk and be resilient?

It will take a little time, and some effort, it doesn’t have to be expensive but consider it as an investment in business survival.

Cyber Essentials Plus

The ratification of your Cyber Essentials Basic award, this service tests your systems accordance with the Cyber Essentials framework and is where the scheme proves it’s real value.

Your systems are tested in the following areas:

  • Email attachments
  • Web downloads
  • External IP exposure
  • Credentialed Patch testing

On meeting the requirements and passing 100%, your business will be awarded the highly coveted Cyber Essentials Plus certificate and registered with the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), this allows you to display the Cyber Essentials Plus Badge which is highly valued and recognised in the UK and around the world.

From £1000 +VAT

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Cyber Essentials Plus (Pre-Assessment)

If you’d like to achieve the highest award of Cyber Essentials Plus, but you’re not sure you will pass first time, you can have a pre-assessment. You can have this even if you have not self assessed for basic yet.

  • establish where the gaps are before the full audit
  • remediate without full retest costs
  • reduces overall cost to gain Cyber Essentials Plus
  • technical report and summary
  • have as many as needed (surveillance test)
  • however no certification

You can come to us even if you choose to get certified elsewhere.

From £500 +VAT

Discount available if you pre-book multiple pre-assessments.

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Vulnerability Testing

The aim of these tests are to fined weaknesses criminals could use (or are already), it tests areas such as:

  • Patching and updates on all systems
  • Checking how securely configured are your systems
  • Weak or reused passwords
  • Testing of your network and devices for known weaknesses
  • External test of your office IP address(es), what is exposed?
  • Test of your WiFi, how is it secured?
  • and many other areas

The benefit of doing this is:

  • avoid reputational damage
  • avoid GDPR fines and
  • avoid breach reporting hassles
  • reduced damage if you are breached/hacked in future
  • expensive downtime
  • Partly meet you obligations under Article 32 of the GDPR in relation to testing

Once complete you will have a full technical report that you can provide to your internal or external IT support to resolve, you may want another test to prove it has been done correctly.

This service can also be used to gauge the effectiveness of your external IT support service in relation to security.

From £250 +VAT

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Discount available if you pre-book multiple assessments.

Microtech Group Ltd

“David is a very knowledgeable Information Systems and Cyber Security Professional. I have worked with David and Cyber Aggress on a number of projects both within our own organisation and with my clients these included Cyber Essentials Basics certifications, consultancy and training projects and Cyber Essentials Plus certifications. I can highly recommend David and Cyber Aggress as a safe pair of hands to cover off any potential Cyber Security, Information Security or Data Protection requirements.”


Paul Mathewson

Group Technical Director, Microtech Group Ltd

Innovec Ltd

I’ve used the services of David and Cyber Aggress for a couple of years after meeting him at a networking event. I have worked with him on projects for my business and regularly recommend him to our clients, several of which have gone on to achieve the Cyber Essential Plus certification with his help and guidance. His knowledge of the cyber security industry and ability to find solutions to complex IT security issues continually impresses me and I always learn a lot when we work together at clients.
If you are serious about improving your Cyber Security then I strongly recommend you speak to David.

Iain Wham

Director, Innovec Ltd

Albion Environmental

“Our company has been steadily growing over the past few years and our IT systems required various additions and have been well supported externally by Lighthouse Network & IT Systems. We found participating in the Cyber Essentials scheme useful, a methodical way of checking our IT systems to make sure they are up to a standard able to achieve certification. We could not have achieved our badge without the professional expertise of CyberAggress.”

Alasdair Meldrum

Director, Albion Environmental, Ayr


“Working with Dave at CyberAggress was a joy. There’s nothing he doesn’t know about cyber security, and he made the whole process simple. It’s not just the form filling that helps you become more secure, it’s the fact that doing so gets you to question everything in the process. Cyber Essentials is just as much related to education and awareness, as it is about making technical changes and security improvements. It’s an eye opener, and one that every business should invest in.”

Gary Ennis

Director / Trainer, NSDesign Ltd

Managed IT Experts Ltd

“David and his company Cyber Aggress has helped our business to achieve Cyber Essential Plus certification and we found the whole process very smooth and efficient. Also, David has great attention to detail and he is the expert in Cyber Security. I would definitely recommend any small business to use David’s services for Cyber Essentials certification.”

David Shuster

Director, Managed IT Experts

Murphy Insurance

“Cyber security is a growing concern for businesses of all sizes. CyberAggress helped us cut through the jargon and gain a better understanding of our cyber risk and security. With this knowledge we were able to make better, informed decisions about the actions we should take.”

Tom Yorke
Director, Murphy Insurance, Ayr